Preparing Marines for the civilian workforce - the Transition Readiness Program (TRP) provides guidance and training for transitioning success.

Steps to Success

Complete the Individualized Initial Counseling (IC) no later than 365 days prior to EAS date.

  • Contact your Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) for IC pre-work instructions and assistance with scheduling IC with your installation’s TRP office.

IC pre-work requirements include:

  • Launching your DD Form 2648
  • Registration on
  • Downloading your VMET and JST
  • Completing the NAVMC 17031
  • Review of the Pre-Separation Counseling Resource Guide
  • Completion of the virtual Reserve Obligations and Opportunities Brief (ROOB)
  • Update personal email address in MOL 


Download Check List

Attend the Pre-Separation Counseling Brief no later than 365 days prior to your EAS date.

  • You must complete your IC before attending the Pre-Separation Counseling Brief.
  • The Pre-Separation Counseling Brief is an in-person class which provides high level information on the many benefits, services, resources, and programs available during and after transition.
  • Contact your UTC or TRP office for assistance with scheduling your attendance to the Pre-Separation Counseling Brief.

Pre-Separation Counseling Guide

Attend the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) courses no later than 180 days prior to your EAS date.

  • You must complete the Individual Initial Counseling (IC) and attend the Pre-Separation Counseling Brief to register for the TRS courses.
  • Contact your UTC for assistance with scheduling your attendance to the TRS courses.

Conduct Capstone Review no later than 120 days prior to your EAS date.

  • You must attend all the TRS courses before you can complete the Capstone Review.
  • You and a TRP Advisor will review your completion of all mandated Career Readiness Standards (CRS) and discuss your transition plans.
  • Your DD Form 2648 will be forwarded to your commander or commander’s designee at the conclusion of Capstone Review.
  • You must contact your UTC or TRP office to schedule your Commander’s Verification.


Complete Commander’s Verification no later than 90 days prior to your EAS date.

  • You must complete the Capstone Review before the Commander’s Verification.
  • At Commander’s Verification, your CO or designee will validate your overall preparedness to transition and will conduct any warm handovers to services or resources as needed based on your transition plan.
  • Your CO or designee will digitally sign your DD Form 2648 at the conclusion of Commander’s Verification.
  • You will need to provide a copy of your completed and signed DD Form 2648 to your UTC.
  • ​You will also need to provide a copy to IPAC in order to receive your DD214.

Programs, Resources & Support

Checklists & Documents

Get started on your steps for the Transition Readiness Seminar with a detailed checklist, documents, and downloads, preparing you for success as you begin your transition from military service to civilian life.

Learn More

Direct Affiliation Program

Marines transitioning to the Marine Corps Reserve through the Direct Affiliation Program qualify for up to a $25K signing bonus, choice of duty station, and lateral move opportunities.

Learn More


SkillBridge connects Marines to real job opportunities, offering training, apprenticeships, or internships for civilian work experience.

Learn More

Marine For Life

Marine For Life Network (M4L) connects transitioning Marines and their family members to education resources, employment opportunities, and other Veterans services that aid in their career and life goals outside of military service. Connect with your regional coordinator today.

Learn More

Personal Financial Management Program

A solid understanding of personal finances will prepare Marines and their family members for a successful transition from military service to civilian life - building confidence when facing financial challenges and responsibilities. Connect with the PFMP office today!

Learn More

Contact Information

Career Resource Management Center - MCAS Beaufort

790 Hoffecker Ave.
Bldg. 807
MCAS Beaufort, SC 29904

Phone: 8432287701


Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Contact Information

Career Resource Management Center - MCRD Parris Island & ERR

355 Chosin Reservoir Rd.
Bldg. 923, Rm 27
MCRD Parris Island, SC 29905

Phone: 8432283112


Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 0730-1700
Friday 0730-1600
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