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Family Meetings: Why They Are a Good Idea

Open communication is one of the keys to healthy relationships. Having regular family meetings is one way to foster honest communication, navigate difficult discussions, and discuss both individual and family goals.  

Topics you can discuss in a family meeting include: 

Household Chores 

Household chores can be a point of contention especially if one family member feels like they are doing all the work. Dividing household chores among family members is a great topic to discuss during a family meeting. This is a good opportunity to get aligned on how each family member can contribute to household duties.   


Discussions about finances can be tough. However, having regular finance meetings is a great opportunity to get on the same page regarding the family budget. These discussions can help you avoid financial stressors, build savings, and plan for future events and activities. 

Resolving Conflict 

Conflict between family members is common. A family meeting to discuss a conflict that occurred can help open lines of communication and move toward a resolution. The focus of the discussion should be how to attack the problem, not scapegoat or punish.  

Regular family meetings can help build emotional connectedness, open lines of communication and help keep your household running efficiently.   

Contact the Family Advocacy Program or Marine Corps Family Team Building for more information and support.    

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