The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) supports the continuum of care for all eligible sponsors and their family member in order to improve the quality of life for families that support a member with special medical and/or educational needs. EFMP is a DOD-mandated enrollment program designed to support individual, family, and unit readiness.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory program that supports families with exceptional needs by ensuring access and availability to medical and educational services to provide continuum of care. EFMP services include:

  • Assignment of a family case worker
  • PCSing coordination and relocation assistance
  • Family training
  • Special Needs forums
  • Family support groups
  • Local resources for education and TRICARE
  • Support before and during IEPs and Inclusion Action Team (IAT) meetings
  • Assistance with housing consideration and accommodations based on qualifying medical conditions and/or needs
  • EFMP attorney assistance
  • And more

EFMP is an inclusive environment that allows participation by persons of all abilities.  


Contact Information

Exceptional Family Member Program

Bldg. 404
58 Tulagi Dr
MCRD Parris Island, SC 29905

Phone: 8432283367


Follow Exceptional Family Member Program:

Hours of Operation (Staff & Office)
Monday 0730-1600
Tuesday 0730-1600
Wednesday 0730-1600
Thursday 0730-1600
Friday 0730-1600
Hours for MCAS 564 Location
Phone Number (843) 228-7649
Monday 0730-1600
Tuesday 0730-1600
Wednesday 0730-1600
Thursday 0730-1600
Additional Contacts

1st & 4th MCD ERR Family Case Worker

Phone: 8439294621

EFMP Administrative Specialist

Phone: 8432283367

EFMP Program Manager

Phone: 8432281065

Exceptional Family Member Program


Phone: 8432283367

MCAS Beaufort Family Case Worker

Phone: 8432283849

MCRD Parris Island & 6th MCD ERR Family Case Worker

Phone: 8432283843

Training, Education and Outreach

Phone: 8432283852

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